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Assisting Candidates on Their Career Journey

Searching for a job is hard work and this is the reality that the majority of recent graduates, career switchers, and even those returning to the workforce have to contend with. Ann Louis Consulting wants to help reduce the burden during the job search process by offering a range of solutions candidates can count on. If you are a job seeker yourself, you can either submit your CV or get in touch with us to receive professional assistance in the following areas:

Identification of Skills and Unique Selling Points

There can be 20 or more job seekers applying for the same jobs you are trying to get in. This makes it important to distinguish yourself from the lot to increase your chances of getting noticed. One way to do that is to know exactly your skills and unique selling points, and this is where we can help.

We can aid you in working out your strengths and identifying those that differentiate you from others. From there, we will compare your strengths and skills to those required in a position you want to pursue and take those that match with the employer’s requirements. We will then coach you in communicating those skills and unique selling points in a manner that will make you a valuable candidate.

Career Exploration

You may find yourself wondering what type of career is best suited for you. You are not alone. Many recent graduates who approach us also do not know where their degrees and skills fit in the workforce. To solve this challenge, we guide them through a career exploration and we can do the same thing for you.

We will help you learn about various occupations by providing you with information like job descriptions, job outlook, median salary, and educational requirements. We will then narrow down the list to those that appeal to you and gauge which ones best suit your personality, interests, values, and qualifications. After an in-depth research and discussion, we will work together to finally determine which career perfectly suits you.

Job and Company Matching

As with most job seekers, you probably find it frustrating to sift through hundreds of job posts each day and submit dozens of applications without getting any response. It does not have to be that way, though. With our help, we can match you with the right job and company, taking the frustration and stress out of the job search process.

We use various tools and strategies to find entry-level job positions that are compatible with your qualifications. We will let you know about your top job matches and seek for your approval so we can send your profile to hiring companies.

CV Enhancement and Interview Preparation

For someone trying to enter the workforce for the first time, it is a must that you come prepared so you will not lose out on your competition. We know that is easier said than done, which is why we are here to help you do the necessary preparations.

Since your CV acts as the marketing document to make yourself stand out from the crowd and secure an interview with prospective employers, it is a must to polish it up. We have consultants in our team who can work with you to ensure that your CV highlights your achievements and qualifications, whilst maintaining a professional structure. Once you get an interview, we will give practical pointers you can use to answer those questions right, impress your interviewer, and ultimately secure a job offer.

Career Information and Advice

You do not have search for jobs alone. Our recruitment consultants here at Ann Louis Consulting are always ready to provide you with career information and advice to help you get through the process and gain results that will move your career forward. Whether you want more details about a particular role or tips on how to increase your confidence and motivation, rest assured that we have the information and advice you need to put your mind at ease.

Submit Your Latest CV

Send over your CV to us and we will start finding jobs that match your profile. We work with employers across different sectors and many of them have entry-level vacancies they do not usually advertise or post on traditional job boards.