The assistance we provide here at Ann Louis Consulting is an excellent starting point for anyone seeking to secure a fulfilling entry-level career. Take the case of some of the candidates we have helped.

Case Studies

Brendan Stephens

28-year old Brendan graduated from university a bit later than his peers due to personal reasons. Being older than most job seekers who were recent graduates, he knew that finding work will not be an easy task. He was very diligent in searching for jobs, but he said that not many of them were a good fit for his skills. 3 months into his job search, Brendan decided that he no longer wanted to waste more time.This prompted him to sought the assistance of a recruitment agency.

Brendan found out about us through an online advertisement. He submitted an application through our site and spoke to one of our recruitment consultants, who then helped him in analysing his skills and unique selling points and assisted him with career exploration. We then found job positions that matched his skills and arranged interviews for him. From there, he was able to secure a role less than 2 months after approaching us.

David Gough

After graduating from college, David was determined to find work in the field of education. He was first convinced that working overseas for a change of environment was what he should do, but later on decided to put it off to gain local work experience. Like many new graduates, however, David found it challenging to secure a job due to his lack of work experience.

David eventually found us and connected with our recruitment team. Based on our interactions with him, David was very passionate about teaching and he has skills that can be further improved with experience and work-based training. Seeing his potential, our team worked hard to find him a job that perfectly matches his qualifications. In under a month, our recruitment consultants were able to arrange him a couple of interviews. One of the companies was impressed with David's interview performance and decided to hire him. To this day, David still works with that company and he recently touched based with us, expressing his satisfaction with our service.

Gab Dunn

Gab, 22, has always been passionate about games and wanted to find work in the field. He was frustrated that he was unable to find the right job in his town and decided to move to London to seek out new opportunities. Still, after 3 months of searching, he was nowhere near successful and decided to get a temp work in retail to pay the bills.

Gab came across one of our advertisements online. He thought that it won't hurt to seek out our help to make his dream of finding a role that suits his passion for gaming. We evaluated his application and helped him in updating his CV to highlight his strengths. We also gave him career advise and insights about the gaming industry and the positions ideal for entry-level job seekers like him. We then matched him with a couple of companies, and one development firm decided to employ Gab as a junior game tester, pointing out that he is a good fit for the job and their company culture.

Josh Howard

Josh has always been an avid fan of computer games, which was why he wanted to find a job that will bring him closer to his passion. After graduating from college, he set out to find work in the sector, but was always passed over for more experienced candidates. A friend of his mentioned our service, and he was encouraged to submit his CV to us.

We contacted Josh for an initial chat. Our recruitment consultant learned so much about him, including his unique skills, qualifications, and passion to learn more. Realising his potential, we assisted him in finding employment, always keeping him in the loop so he was aware of the status of his applications. Fortunately, it did not take too long for him to get hired by a medium-sized development company. Days after his first day at work, Josh contacted us and expressed how he truly appreciate our service.

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