Know the Average Salary in Some of the Most Sought-After Job Sectors

For employers, it important to stay updated with the latest salary information. After all, this is one critical aspect that the majority of candidates look at when considering a job. You want to make sure that you will be offering potential new hires with the right amount and that your company does not lag behind the competition when it comes to compensation and benefits.

For job seekers, staying in touch with the latest salary information could mean better negotiations once an offer is made by an employer. It also helps avoid being underpaid for a role, whilst also allowing for better job filtering and informed career choice.

Below are the average salaries for some key sectors:


Average Salary

Accountancy (Qualified)


Administrative, Secretarial, & PA


Customer Service






Financial Services


Health & Medicine


Hospitality & Catering


Human Resources


IT & Telecoms




Leisure & Tourism




Marketing & PR


Media & Digital


Recruitment Consultancy




Social Care


Take note that several factors are at play when it comes to salary, including location, size of organisation, job position and level, and additional benefits, among others. Due to this, salary for a similar position may vary from company to company. The main point here is to set fair and equitable rates so you can get the best talents out there without breaking the bank.

If you have questions concerning salary and you want to discuss how to set a fair and equitable amount for entry-level hires, you can get in touch with us and let one of our recruitment consultants guide you.

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