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Become a Recruitment Consultant for Ann Louis Consulting

Create opportunities for candidates by matching them with the entry-level positions of local companies across different sectors.

As entry-level recruitment specialists, our main job is to act as the link between talented candidates and hiring companies. Our recruitment consultants are not just experienced in the craft of recruiting; they are skilled at it. It is through their efforts that we are able to establish and maintain good relationships with employers and candidates, deliver quality recruitment services, and keep our business growing.

If you want to start a career that will let you create opportunities for candidates and contribute to growing and improving the workforce of companies, then being a recruitment consultant is a job you should look into. And Ann Louis Consulting could just have the right opportunity for you.

The role of a recruitment consultant for Ann Louis Consulting involves developing a professional relationship with both companies and job seekers and providing them with recruitment services that will allow them to achieve their objectives and goals. Put it simply, the role combines relationship building, business development, and customer service.

When you work as a recruitment consultant for us, you will be taking on the following responsibilities:

Determining and pursuing business development opportunities using varied marketing and networking techniques.

Building and developing positive business relationships with potential and existing client companies.

Understanding the needs of client companies, along with the sector/industry and environment they operate in.

Advising clients on and selling recruitment solutions that best suit their needs, so as to effectively help them attract the right candidates.

Advertise clients’ vacancies in a range of media to attract candidates and develop a talent pool.

Source candidates using different methods and tools and provide them information about available opportunities.

Receive and review candidates’ applications, arrange and conduct initial interviews, administer tests, and create a shortlist of candidates.

Request for references and determine candidates’ suitability for a particular job before forwarding their details to a client.

Arrange interview between candidate and client and take part in finalising employment arrangements.

Provide advice to both clients and candidates in relation to pay rates, training and development, and career advancement.

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