Diversity Pledge

We support and celebrate diversity and quality for all

As a company offering recruitment services, we are responsible for assisting individuals in realizing their career goals and helping companies find the best people for their job vacancies. Beyond that, however, we are also responsible for promoting diversity and equality into the sectors we cater to.

We strongly advocate for diversity and equality in different ways. To start with, among our workforce we make sure to hire and retain talents from different backgrounds, showing our commitment to provide equal employment opportunity for all. We complement this with a work environment and culture that value respect and do not tolerate discrimination and harassment.

To the candidates we assist, we extend our service to everyone regardless of their race, gender, ethnic origin, colour, and religion. Likewise, we actively support advocacies related to workplace diversity and equal employment opportunities.

Supporting Candidates of Different Backgrounds

As we have already mentioned, we help candidates regardless of their race and ethnic origin, colour, religion, and gender. Likewise, the aforesaid factors do not affect our decision on who to get on board.

Since the establishment of our recruitment, we have closely observed and monitored the candidates we have accepted and helped find work. Based on our records, we assisted numerous candidates from the Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups in their job search and placed many of them in various companies throughout the UK.

We are working on bringing some of our personnel support to non-profit organisations that actively help young individuals from BAME backgrounds who encounter barriers that prevent them from receiving pre-employment support. We hope that when this project rolls out, it will aid in improving the work preparedness of young people from BAME backgrounds.

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