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Meet the People That Drive Our Business to Success

The people that make up our team are committed to help candidates get jobs that suit their qualifications and career motivations and assist companies in finding and hiring employees that will contribute to their growth. We combine that commitment with our expertise and experience to meet expectations and bring real value.

Shaun Walls

Managing Director

I have long been involved in recruitment and I am using my experience in the field to lead the company in helping both job seekers and hiring organisations. Since I used to be a recruitment consultant myself, I always adhere to the practice of taking the time to understand a client’s business in detail and a candidate’s career motivations and goals so as to find the right fit (when it comes to job and employee) that will last for the long term. I have passed on this practice to my colleagues, allowing us to deliver real value to those we serve.

Robert Thorbun

Sales Operations Manager

My background is in finance and my position in the company right now allows me to contribute my knowledge and experience in optimising the sales process and increasing sales productivity. So far, the company is growing steadily and I’m positive that we will be able to achieve or even surpass our objectives in the coming months and years.

Emily Fry

Senior Recruitment Consultant

It feels good to be able to provide guidance and helpful advice to job seekers with regards to their career paths. I take great pride in this work and I’m grateful for the experience because I’m growing as well. In case you need job search assistance and career guidance, feel free to get in touch with me!

William Hicks

Senior Recruitment Consultant

As a recruitment consultant, my primary responsibilities are to build positive relationships with both candidates and clients and become their intermediary. I use my knowledge and experience in recruitment to attract and place candidates and at the same time help organisations fill in their vacancies. It’s not an easy work, mind you, as I receive pressure on both sides. Yet, it is equally rewarding being in recruitment because I’m able to make a difference and I’m also developing many of my own skills along the way. In case you need help finding work or there are open positions in your company, I’ll gladly welcome any queries you may have and assist you in the process.

Andy Wang

Recruitment Consultant

It’s been a personal goal of mine to add value to job seekers and clients. This is why I always spend time with the people I assist to better understand their needs and requirements. Through this process, I’m able to identify which areas I need to focus on and also work on solutions that I feel will adequately meet the specific needs and requirements they’ve outlined. I still have a lot to learn as a recruitment consultant, but I’m glad that I’m able to help in some way.

Sara Novak

Recruitment Consultant

Being a recruitment consultant is one of the most rewarding careers around. It has given me so much opportunities to extend my help to candidates and be part of their journey to a new career. At the same time, this position has also granted me the chance to coordinate with different organisations and give them advice when it comes to recruitment practices. If you need assistance with job search or candidate recruitment, don’t hesitate to contact me.

John Onai

Account Manager

I’ve always had a knack for crunching numbers so being an account manager is a role I take pride in. With all the clients we deal with, payments and bills can easily pile up. I, along with my colleague, make sure that doesn’t happen. I take responsibility for recording payments made by clients, processing invoices, and keeping track of company expenses. I also tackle credit control, ensuring that money owed to the organisation gets settled.

James Wilson

Account Manager

My role is focused on supporting clients when it comes to their accounts. I assist in addressing accounts queries and in collecting and recording payments. So if you are one of our existing clients or you have an interest in our recruitment service and have accounts queries, feel free to get in touch with me so I can guide you on this matter.

Katie Chapman

Office Administrator Manager

I'm responsible for managing daily operations to ensure the smooth flow of office functions, streamline processes, and improve everyone's productivity. I also provide employee- and executive-level support. It is nice being surrounded by people who are willing to give their best to help others find work and assist companies in getting the right hires. This thought energises me everyday.

Ruth Taylor

Support Officer

As a senior support officer in the company, I strive to provide vital assistance to the clients we support. I usually coordinate with our recruitment consultants when problems arise in relation to the recruitment process. I also direct clients to our accounts staff when the issues they forward are regarding their accounts. I always look at my job as an excellent opportunity to deliver value to our clients.

Mustafa Hadid

Support Officer

It feels good to be part of a company that is proactive in helping candidates achieve their career goals and assisting companies in strengthening their workforce. Being in a team that support candidates and companies, I provide answer to enquiries and address issues as they arise. I am truly devoted in what I do and I hope that through my simple contribution I’m able to make the recruitment process easier for those involved.

Makenna Parmer

Support Officer

I’m one of the first touch points for candidates and clients when they have enquiries about our services or when the encounter a problem during the recruitment process. Through this role, I’m able to give much needed support to those we serve so they can achieve success and at the same time aid in minimising the work load of our recruitment consultants who often already have a lot on their plates.


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