Make Us Your Partner in Finding Top-Notch
Candidates for Your Entry-Level Positions

Companies will only operate like a well-oiled machine if it has the right people in place. So if you are looking to hire top talents for your entry-level positions, you have come to the right place.

Ann Louis Consulting works with companies in recruiting and hiring individuals who are fresh out of college or university, career switchers, and those coming back to the work force after a long break. Based on our experience, recruiting for entry-level positions is often a challenging and costly tasks for majority of employers because it demands a lot of work to find qualified candidates.

To help address this problem, we provide a number of recruitment services that are administered by our highly skilled recruitment consultants. These services can be tailored and combined according to your needs, so as to help you attract top talents for your teams. Moreover, tapping into any or a combination of our services can relieve your company a great deal of time ands cost associated with the administrative work that recruitment entails. That equates to more savings and increased productivity for your business.

Services We Provide

Take note that we will have a thorough discussion with you before any work gets underway so we can fully understand your business, objectives, needs, challenges, and competition. From there, we will come up with the best combination of services that we think will satisfy your requirements and agree on a realistic time scale.

As for the fees we charge, we will cover this matter during our discussion with you so you have full understanding of the breakdown of costs and payment schedule.

Let us find the right people for your entry-level positions.

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