Have a background in recruitment? Perhaps you are interested to start a rewarding career in this field? Work for Ann Louis Consulting and use your skills to be of service to others.


Ann Louis Consulting is an excellent place to work and we’re
looking for new talents to be part of our growing team

As a company that helps people find jobs and companies find the right people, we know the value that the best and brightest individuals can bring to the table. As such, we take great care of our employees by ensuring that they are given the best working experience and environment as well as an office culture that cultivates their skills and supports their growth. We are also on the look out for those who can share their skills with us, assist us in growing our business, and help us in bringing positive changes through recruitment.

Help us inspire positive changes and reap great rewards

Ann Louis Consulting wants to inspire positive changes in two ways: help new graduates, career switchers, and returning workers find work in today’s job market by providing them job search assistance, and assist hiring companies in filling their entry-level vacancies with knowledgeable and skilled candidates. If you have a background in recruitment and would like to be part of a rapidly growing company that is committed to make a difference, we want you to join us.

We always look after our employees because we believe they are our most valuable assets. We show our dedication to them by providing them rewards such as the following:

Competitive Salary

We give out highly competitive salaries to our employees, not to mention performance bonuses

Continuing Development

We support our employees’ advancement by providing training opportunities, internally and externally, that will allow them to grow their knowledge and skills and hone their responsiveness to changes.

Good Work Environment and Culture

We maintain a positive working environment and a supportive office culture. This ensures that our employees remain engaged and motivated and are willing to contribute to the company’s growth.

Lenient Time Off

We give our employees access to lenient leaves for holidays or sabbaticals. These leaves help everyone take a time off from work and spend their time with their loved ones or doing activities they love.

Diversity and Inclusion

We advocate for a diverse workplace, as it enables us to gain varied insights and perspectives that allow us to make our business better. Additionally, by being inclusive in our approaches and practices, we are able to make everyone have access to equal opportunities within our workplace. Discover more about our pledge for diversity and inclusion here